Anchorage Yacht Club 2022 Race for Fun Registration       

There is an early bird discount for signups on or before May 1st. Early sign-ups are encouraged, if you haven't received your PHRF certificate yet you can supply it later.

Please complete the information below, and click on the "Continue to next page " button on the
bottom of this page. You must click on the continue button on the bottom of the page, and also
complete the next screen. If your registration is successful, you will receive a confirmation email.

If you have previously registered, and received a confirmation email, and now need to supply your
PHRF or insurance certificate
, go directly to that page by clicking here.

If you have previously registered, and received a confirmation email, and now just need to make a
payment, please navigate to our payment page by clicking the left column menu item "Make a Race
Series Payment

Please read the waiver carefully, it has changed:

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First Name:
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(if you want additional email addresses added to the skippers email list,
such as for crew, please enter them in the additional comments box at the

Boat info:
Boat Name:
Length Overall: Sail Number: Slip /GLNTC:
  US Sailing Member Number: (if member)

Check this box if you have a current PHRF certificate that you will supply: Also check the box if you will be submitting a PHRF certificate, have applied for it, but haven't received it yet from LMPHRF. You can submit it when you receive it.

Select if you will be racing Spinnaker or Jib and Main:
If you don't have a PHRF certificate, you must supply additional boat information below:

Rig: Keel: Motor:
Prop: Rudder:

If you are signing up for the Thursday series, please select preferred committee boat dates. The Race Committee will assign dates, and it helps to have preferences as soon as possible. Each boat entered must serve once on committee duty. Every attempt will be made to honor preferences, and to pair inexperienced skippers/crews with experienced. If you're flexible, but have dates you will NOT be available for assignment,
please enter those here:

Committee Boat Preference 1:
Committee Boat Preference 2:
Committee Boat Preference 3:


Additional comments. You should enter any additional information about your boat, such as modifications, or anything the above selection boxes didn't include. Also include any comments about anything else.


Reminder: It is the responsibility of each skipper to read and understand the committee boat and race instructions, which are available from our main racing page.